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eSports and the Olympics May Not be Perfect Together

No medals for eSports in next Olympics

What is The Meaning of Pay Per Head?

If you have any interest in sports betting or the sports betting industry, you have probably come across the term, “pay per head”.

This is How a Pay Per Head Works

If you search the term “pay per head” online, you will come across a number of results pertaining to the sports betting business. You will find listings for bookie software solution providers and sportsbook services. What you probably will not find is a simple answer the question, “how does pay per head work?”

60 Minutes Explores Legallized Sports Betting in the US and Potential for College Athletes to be Compromised

Nobody can sit here and tell you they can deal with this and be a hundred percent clean, Marshall University's Mike Hamrick asserts

How Do I Bet Sports on My Mobile Device From the US, My State

You can bet sports and other events from your mobile device and from all 50 U.S. states.  Note that the below information will constantly be updated.

How to Create a Bookie Site

If you are looking to be a bookie then the fastest and easiest way to become one is by utilizing one of the many pay per head sites that offer a fully inclusive service with a website for your players to bet on all the sporting events in the world each day.

DraftKings Opening New Headquarters as it Plans Expansion

One of Boston’s largest tech companies is moving into a new corporate headquarters.

Poll Finds Those in Favor of Betting on Pro Sports, Not College

Scrambling to fill out a March Madness bracket? Betting lunch money that you can pinpoint the Final Four better than co-workers or family?

Politician Admits to Gambling Relapse

Karen Carter Peterson, a state senator from New Orleans and chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party, admitted to a gambling problem Friday — minutes after WWL-TV posted a news story reporting that she had violated a ban on entering Louisiana casinos.

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After the retirement of Rob Gronkowski, posted a prop bet on the former tight end's next job.    Given Gronkowski's prior appearance in pro wrestling and his relationship with WWE superstar Mojo Rawley, going the route of Ronda Rousey and testing his strength in the WWE is the favorite at 3/2 or +150.    Gronk becoming an NFL commentator has the second-lowest odds while actor and podcast host are 5/1 or +500. The prop does note that Gronkowski's upcoming Hollywood debut (Boss Level, August

Mega eSports Stadium to be Constucted in Philadelphia

Stadium will feature 3,500 seats and is the first of its kind in the Western hemisphere

Thunder Sees Nearly 65 Percent of Action

Thunder Sees Nearly 65 Percent of Action

The Oklahoma Thunder were seeing shy of 65% of the action versus Memphis as a -6.5 road favorite.

Sweet 16 Bracket Contest 2019

Sweet 16 Bracket Contest 2019

BetOnline has unveiled its 2019 Sweet 16 Bracket Contest with a prize pool of $25000.  The winner takes home $5000.

14 Cent Bet on Tourney Pays Out $1346

A bettor at Draftkings correctly picked the side and total on seven NCAA tournaments games Saturday, according to David Payne Purdum of  And it gets even better. 

What Will Gronk's Next Career Move Be? Odds Released

BetOnline has Rob Gronkowski favored to fight in the WWE next

Can I Use Bovada to Bet Sports if I'm in North Carolina

With so many great teams in the state of North Carolina, betting is at an all-time high.  The Bovada website is accessible from the state but only offers up to a $250 signup bonus compared to BetDSI offering up to $500.