The Gambler's Edge - April 16: 6-1 NBA Record

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Another very good day in the NBA following a bad loss yesterday carries us to a 6-1 record to date.

Current NBA Record: 6-1 (85.7%)

Current MLB Record: 5-4 (55.5%) 2-0 High Priced Picks

NBA Recap: The Pacers came through nicely for us, beating the favored Cavs. 

MLB Recap: No plays yesterday.

An Early Look at Public Favorites for Monday: We did not see any hot plays ahead of Monday's games, however, very early indications were that the 76ers were seeing heavy lopsided action that could be better than 75% as a -6.5 point favorite following a dismantling of the Heat Saturday night. 

- Tony Caliente,

Sports News

Top Bet on Sides December 14

Top Bet on Sides December 14

The Brooklyn Nets as a -2 home favorite were seeing the most action at 80% on the spread versus Washington.

Most Wagered on Sides - December 13

Heading into Thursday afternoon, it was the LA Chargers seeing the most action on the spread, but only by around 55%.

Top Wagered on Sides December 12

Top Wagered on Sides December 12

The Kansas City Chiefs were the most wagered on side after Manchester City Wednesday.  The Chiefs face the Chargers Thursday night.

Most Bet on Sides - December 11

With the Barcelona game now underway, the next most wagered on side Tuesday was the Portland Trailblazers at +6.5 in Houston.

Most Bet on Sides - Monday December 10

Today's focus is all on Monday Night Football and the Vikings vs. Seahawks with Seattle seeing 60 to 65% of the action at home.