Need a Good White Label Sportsbook Software for 2018 FIFA World Cup

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Bookies and agents the world over will need to supply every type of wager on the FIFA World Cup 2018.  They will rely on a top white label sportsbook software platform.

To successfully compete against the big offshore sportsbooks operating on the Internet today, you need to have a level playing field as a private bookie. You need the same business tools as the big guys from your Pay Per Head site and you need a price per head service that is owned and operated by online sports gambling experts. is one such platform.

The best white label software will be offering LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING on all FIFA World Cup matchups, various player and game props as well as a wide assortment of future bets.

A white label is defined as a product or service provided by a single company that is simply rebranded.  In the case of the white label sportsbook, a Pay Per Head company will supply all the customization including site design, lines, reports and more geared specifically towards the agent or bookmaker’s own business. The cost savings are significant. will be able to customize your 2018 FIFA World Cup betting odds and options.  Below is a sampling of the 2018 FIFA World Cup odds to win.

Germany 6/1
Argentina 8/1
Spain 9/1
Brazil 10/1
Netherlands 11/1
France 13/1
Italy 13/1
Belgium 17/1
England 17/1
Russia 20/1
Portugal 26/1
Colombia 29/1
Chile 34/1
Croatia 50/1
Uruguay 50/1
Ukraine 50/1
Poland 50/1
USA 50/1
Czech Republic 67/1
Switzerland 67/1
Bosnia 67/1
Mexico 67/1
Denmark 80/1
Sweden 80/1
Montengro 100/1
Serbia 100/1
Ivory coast 100/1
Japan 100/1
Greece 100/1
Nigeria 150/1
Turkey 150/1
Algeria 150/1
Austria 150/1
Montenegro 150/1
Ghana 150/1
Norway 150/1
South Korea 150/1
Romania 200/1
Cameroon 250/1
Bulgaria 250/1
Hungary 250/1
Costa Rica 300/1
Australia 300/1
Paraguay 300/1
Venezuela 300/1
Ecuador 300/1
Macedonia 500/1
Finland 500/1
Peru 500/1
Slovakia 500/1
Tunisia 500/1
Rep Ireland 500/1
Egypt 500/1
Senegal 500/1
Wales 500/1
Canada 500/1
Bolivia 500/1
Qatar 1000/1
San Marino 1000/1
Scotland 1000/1
Slovenia 1000/1
Honduras 1000/1
South Africa 1000/1
Iran 1000/1
New Zealand 1000/1
Northern Ireland 1000/1
Mali 1000/1
Moldova 1000/1
Malta 1000/1
Luxembourg 1000/1
Lithuania 1000/1
Liechtenstein 1000/1
Kazakhstan 1000/1
Latvia 1000/1
Jamaica 1000/1
Israel 1000/1
Iceland 1000/1
Georgia 1000/1
Faroe Islands 1000/1
Estonia 1000/1
Cyprus 1000/1
Belarus 1000/1
Azerbaijan 1000/1
Andorra 1000/1
Albania 1000/1
Armenia 1000/1
Burkina Faso 1000/1

- Alistair Prescott,

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How to Use Bitcoin to Bet the FIFA World Cup

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Need a Bookie, Pay Per Head in Massachusetts for the FIFA World Cup

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Need a Bookie, Pay Per Head in Collier County, Florida for the FIFA World Cup

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