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White label sportsbook software is available throughout the KC area.


Kansas City area sports fans love their Chiefs and Royals as well as the Kansas College Basketball teams.

Kansas City Fan Base

A recent study found that, while the Chiefs fan base may be loyal, KC falls short in these categories: 

Fan Equity – Fan spending based on expected revenue (so it’s more accurate than, say, just adding what Cowboys fans spend overall compared to Jaguars fans).

Social Equity – A team’s online presence and social fan community/engagement.

Road Equity – How a team draws when playing road games.

FanSided.com finds the results a bit surprising.

Arrowhead Stadium is also known as being a tough place to play, one in which the crowd becomes a very real factor for opposing offenses to contend with. With a record-setting crowd, you’d think the Chiefs would be among the best in the NFL. Instead, they apparently don’t draw as well as others, come up lacking on social media and even fan spending isn’t that great proportionally to other teams. Perhaps that’s why you never really see a Chiefs player on the biggest selling jerseys list.

A lot can change in time and Patrick Mahomes will be key for the Chiefs in this mode. But for now the fans have come up short.

Needless-to-say, many readers disagreed with the professor's assessment.

One writes:

It's based on measures that will always work against a smaller market teams... spending won't compete with larger market teams for merchandise. Social media won't have the same reach of quantity for the same reasons as above which is no different than TV. As far as traveling fans, I always see a ton of Chief's fan at Mile High for donkey games. Do they travel the same to NY or Miami? No, of course not. Flawed study and should adjusted for market size. That being said, there's no place I'd rather watch a game than Arrowhead and no team I'd rather watch than the Chiefs! Go KC!!!

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- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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